Welcome Client Experience Manager – Jeff Wolfson

Excited to welcome Jeff Wolfson as our new Client Experience Manager at Procure IT.

Procure IT is thrilled to welcome Jeff Wolfson, our new Client Experience Manager. Jeff's journey into the world of IT began with a focus on emerging technologies, including Network, Automation, AI, and ML. His passion for staying ahead of the curve led him to roles at Enki and RingCentral (BDR), where he gained valuable experience in EaaS, UCaaS & CCaaS.

Looking to move beyond narrow tech specializations, Jeff found his niche in IT procurement and consulting. He saw an opportunity to leverage his technology skill set to help clients optimize their IT investments, enhance security, and boost performance. Jeff is committed to understanding each client's unique challenges and objectives as well as being a “go to” for all of his client’s IT procurements needs.

Jeff serves as a dedicated liaison, guiding clients through seamless onboarding, ongoing support, and strategic technology optimization. Jeff's personalized approach and expert insights ensure that every client engagement is tailored to their specific needs, driving success and fostering lasting relationships.

Jeff credits the managing partners at Procure IT—Randy Jeter, Andrew Laughter, and Dylan Bouterse—as instrumental figures in his career development. Their mentorship has equipped him with a solid foundation and deep understanding of the IT landscape, instilling a passion for delivering innovative solutions that make a difference.

Join us in welcoming Jeff Wolfson to Procure IT, where he's excited to make a difference, one client at a time.

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